Friday, December 12, 2008

I feel like an Elf on speed...

I have been so busy! Not as busy as I have been, but busy none-the-less. I like that word...busy...At ANY rate, looks like all my Christmas customs will be out and on their way on Monday. Hurray!

In other news: We've been deluged here the last few days. I was beginning to wonder if building an ark would be a lucrative idea. But the rain did finally end yesterday evening and right at dusk a beautiful rainbow appeared. I'll have to post some photos...And how 'bout that snow in Louisiana!?? What in the world!?

While I'm here I'm going to post a few pics of two ornaments I just finished.

(It's a pit bull and a lopp bunny, incase you were wondering... ;) )

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Peculiar Pals said...

Hi Christy,

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) It's nice to get feedback about my models from a fellow artist!

Your models are SO cute! I absolutely love the little Bunny! and your dogs are FABULOUS!

I've just had a little look at your eBay listings, I love the ferret!

Suzanne :)