Friday, October 31, 2008

Honey! I think the dog is having an identity crisis again...

Got a commission awhile ago from a nice lady who bought my 'Lab Scientist' figurine and wanted something else goofy to go along with it. And so I give you 'Trekie Dog'.In other late breaking news: Merri-Rose has been officially recognized as Nermal. The name change was nessecary due to the inability of her owner to come up with goofy aliases of her former name. Nermal, if you are familar with Garfield comics, is the annoying grey kitten that comes over to Garfields house from time to time. Garfield can't stand Nermal because he[Nermal]is so infatuated with how cute he is and only wants to play, usually with a ball of yarn. In this case, life truly imitates comic strip.
And on a side note, for all you leaf watchers out there: here's a little taste of our autumn leaves along with some Bach to watch while you sip your morning coffee. You really can't get anything better than Bach and coffee.

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